Welcome to The Wheel Co-Op

Welcome to The Wheel, A Leadership Co-operative designed to allow professionals the space to share ideas and find support with problem solving work related issues. The idea behind The Wheel is to allow leaders the opportunity to expand their resource network giving each member a broader scope of expertise by connecting members with leaders, peers, competitors and experts, from across industries. The Wheel will give professionals the opportunity to request feedback on work related challenges, and receive advice from experienced leaders and peers from all walks of life, by providing members with a means of crowd sourcing solutions. As a healthcare leader I found that there were multiple instances where I questioned if I was attempting to solve a problem that someone else already addressed. Out of frustration and the belief that I wasn’t the first person attempting to address a problem, the idea of The Wheel was born with the plan of stopping us all from attempting to reinvent The Wheel!!!

Feel free to browse and request forum topics. This is a member driven site that requires your input for solutions…

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